Valam offers Diode Lasers. In addition, a variety of inexpensive accessories, including a line of surgical bare fibers and a hand pieces.

The 300 or 400 micron bare fibers provides the best mix of steerability, durability and energy delivery.

The Diode Laser, with up to 10 Watts, provides sufficient energy to perform almost all office-based and many Ambulatory or ENT procedures. Teaching videos on the ENT Laser Procedures page are almost all using an Output Power setting of less than 8 Watts.

Our laser products and accessories are priced to make Office-Based surgical procedures economically possible. Physicians, practices and clinics with pricing questions should contact us at info@valam.com.

As for other equipment used during office-based procedures, the hand piece should be, sterilized between procedures using either an autoclave or EtO gas. The laser tips are disposable for one time use and must be discarded into biohazard box.

You can expect Valam Corporation to quickly honor its Laser warranty.

There are no maintenance or service contract fees. In the event there are any problems with the Lasers, per the Laser Warranty, Valam will replace the laser.

The teaching videos on the ENT Laser Procedures page should be of great assistance to physicians interested in using the Laser system.

Valam will provide a “Laser-Assisted Office Surgery” webinars which demonstrates the best-practice methods of the Laser Systems. If you are interested in being notified of the date and time of this live demonstration, please contact us at info@valam.com.

Although you will want to confirm with your Office Manager and/or Billing Department, there are existing and appropriate CPT-4 Reimbursement Codes that you may use to submit for reimbursement. The actual reimbursement amount will vary by geographic area.

Using the Valam Order Form, and selecting your desired Laser System and Accessories, you can place an order right now with a MasterCard or VISA credit card. Physicians, practices and clinics with pricing questions should contact us at info@valam.com.

Increased Practice Efficiency. Rather than spending time shuttling between your office and the hospital, you can be seeing patients.

Increased Profitability. The time saved performing the procedure in your office can be used to do more procedures.

Increased Referrals / Practice Awareness. In many cases, the patients would prefer to have the procedure performed quickly in your office instead of exposing themselves to the bureaucratic paperwork and increased infection rate associated with a hospital setting.