Retrograde Uvuloplasty

Clinical case:Retrograde Uvuloplasty, Interstitial
Laser used:Epic-S Diode Laser 940 nm
Accessory used:400 um bare fiber tip
Surgery handpiece
Authored by physician:Yosef Krespi, MD
Professor of Otolaryngology, Hofstra School of Medicine, New York

Patient symptoms:

Persistent palatal snoring. Excessive day time sleepiness, sleep fragmentation. Loud snoring confirmed by bed partner.


Normal or very mild sleep apnea events detected during sleep study. Long uvula, small tonsils. No other sleep related comorbidities.


Surgical solution consist of ablating the nasal surface of the uvula trans mucosal and intra muscular in order the shorten and stiffen the uvula.

Laser surgery, Pre-Op:

Anesthesia is achieved with local injection of 2% lidocaine with epinephrine 1:100,000.

Antibiotics, topical anesthetic gel and analgesics.


Interstitial ablation of uvula muscle is achieved in three passes.
Edges of the soft palate arch can be ablated as well.

The laser treatment parameters above are provided as a guide and are based on results published or reported by physicians with experience in this indication. Individual treatment should be based on clinical training, clinical observation of laser-tissue interaction, appropriate clinical endpoints and each physician’s own medical judgment.