Tongue Treatment

Conventional halitosis treatment requires daily mechanical tongue brushing or scraping and chemical oral washes throughout the day. Patients with oral malodor complain that conventional treatments only cover up the symptoms, but there is no long-term solution for the underlying problem.
Valam’s revolutionary ‘Waterlase’ laser treatment can offer patients long-lasting relief from gad breath with a simple laser treatment of the posterior tongue surface. The Waterlase treatment can remove gram-negative anaerobic bacteria from within the Papillae of the tongue, clean the tongue surface, reduce biofilm and produce lasting results.

Before treatment

After 10 minutes treatment

Figure 1:

Tongue dorsum. Filiform papillae on tongue surface.
(10x magnification;  Red dye added for visualization)

Figure 2:

Cross-section of tongue tissue showing intact filiform papillae
following a 10-minute treatment.
(Settings: 4W, 40Hz, 10% air, 5% water)



To be repeated every six (6) months.